Devoirs – Vacances de Printemps!

Missing work?

  • Read “Babar, le p’tit écolo” (download a copy here:
  • Fill out the worksheet while reading the book (begun in class together): Babar -Feuille de travail
  • Make up any missing journals by clicking on “Les Journaux” at the top of this page


N’oubliez pas:

  • Réposez-vous!
  • Dormez beaucoup!
  • Regardez beaucoup de télé!
  • Étudiez et préparez-vous pour le ACT!

Bonnes vacances!

Bonnes vacances!



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The National Day of Silence

This Friday, the ChiArts Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) is hosting The National Day of Silence, a day of action in which students across the country vow to take a form of silence to call attention to the silencing effect of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools. You can read more about The National Day of Silence here:

I encourage all of you to vow to stay silent on Friday to show your solidarity with those people who are affected by ALL forms of bullying and harassment. We have all been affected by bullying or harassment at one time or another and the Day of Silence is a great way to show others that you empathize with their situation and are willing to stand up for them.

Your Right To Stay Silent
While you DO have a right to participate in the Day of Silence between classes and before and after school, you may NOT have the right to stay silent during instructional time if a teacher requests for you to speak. Participants are reminded to talk with their teachers ahead of time and carry around the Day of Silence card during classes so we know that you are participating.

GSA is selling Day of Silence t-shirts ($10) and bracelets ($1) during lunches today and tomorrow. Cash (preferred) and checks accepted.

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns.

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Le poisson d’avril!

If you missed class on 1/2 avril, here’s the reading and mini quiz!

Poisson d’avril – Lecture et mini quiz

If you missed class on 1/2 avril, here’s the other text we read together.  DEVOIRS finish reading at home and write a summary in English (extra credit for writing the summary in French).

3rd period:

2nd period:



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AP Applications – Due March 28!

It’s time to apply for AP courses!

Why should I take AP French?

In this course, you will use authentic French materials and sources to develop your language skills in multiple modes of communication, including two-way interactions in both writing and speaking, interpretation of audio, audiovisual, and print materials, and oral and written presentation of information and ideas.

Explore sample course documents and learn about future career areas that use French:

Who should take AP French?

Any current French 3 student interested in continuing to develop written, oral and audio communication skills in French.  All French 3 students (CP and Honors) are encouraged to apply for 2014-2015!

Can Madame Sigman write one of my recommendations?

ABSOLUMENT! (Absolutely!)  Mme. Sigman should write one of your two recommendations.

For more information…

Visit the ChiArts AP website:  You can download the AP course application, read course descriptions and find info about all things AP at ChiArts!

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Journaux de français 3

Journal #9 – le 27/28 mars 2014 (Choisis une des deux options)

  • Si tu gagnais la lotérie, que ferais-tu?
  • Si tu habitais à la lune, comment serait-elle?

Journal # 8 – Le 25/26 mars 2014

  • S’il y avait un tornade (ou un ouragon ou un raz-de-marré) à Chicago, qu’est-ce qui se passerait?

Journal # 7 – Le 24 mars 2014

  • Si tu trouvais un portefeuille avec $500, que ferais-tu?

Journal # 6 – Le 18 mars 2014

  • Si tu rencontrais un extraterrestre, que ferais-tu?

Journal #6.1 – Le 12 mars 2014 (3rd period)

  • Décris la météo et les phénomènes naturels typiques aux États-Unis.

Journal #6.1 – Le 11 mars 2014 (2nd/6th period)

  • Décris un problème environnemental et comment les personnes peuvent touver une solution.

Journal #5 – Le 27/28 février 2014

  • Qu’est-ce que tu as fait ce week-end passé?

Journal #4 – Le 25/26 février

  • Décris ta première journée de l’école à ChiArts.  Soit (be) spécifique.

Journal #3 – Le 18 février 2014

  • Il était une fois… (start a fairy tale by giving background info about setting and characters)

Journal #2 – Le 13/14 février 2014

  • Hier matin, tu as fait quoi?  Utilise les verbes pronominaux (reflexive)!

Journal #1 – Le 11/12 février 2014

  • Décris l’histoire de ta vie au passé.  Où as-tu grandi?  Où es-tu allé pour l’école?
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Article de Huffington Post

“Pollution: Alerte maximum aux particules en Ile-de-France”:

Read this article and prepare for a brief discussion tomorrow/Wednesday in class.

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Vocabulaire sur Quizlet

Voilà!  Le vocabulaire de français 3 sur Quizlet est trouvé ici:

Study “Vocab 7.1″ for a quiz on Thursday, March 13/Friday, March 14.

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